About Us

Our vision is to reduce the burden on the environment that coffee consumption creates.



When change is needed, life often calls out to us to respond.


In 2016 I journeyed home to Zambia, and upon my arrival, I was overwhelmed by the amount of deforestation that was occurring in order to meet the growing demand for coffee. I knew something needed to change, I needed to respond. This journey strengthened my resolve to do my part in protecting the environment, something that was embedded in me from a young age.


As my mind processed what I had witnessed, I set out to find a better way to brew a single cup of coffee using fewer resources.  This is when the idea of The Barista Cup emerged. A single cup, capable of brewing perfectly smooth tasting coffee, instantaneously, while using fewer coffee grounds, and resources to protect and preserve our environment.


The Barista Cup is a movement to help decrease the burden of the coffee industry, and thus decrease the need to deforest virgin lands. Thank you for supporting our mission and being part of the movement to preserve our environment!






CEO & Founder

The Inventor

Aziz Patel

Zambian Family Farm Hut with a Barista Cup



In Zambia, Humanism provides the guiding principles by which I live. When I see a need, I have the desire to find a solution. That is why the impact of deforestation of my homeland of Zambia caused such deep reflection. My thoughts on how I could help minimize the impact the coffee industry has on the environment, and also meet the growing demand for coffee, resulted in the Barista Cup.


Our Values

A Target icon - where our misson can be foun
Telescope -where or Vision is
Our Heart - where our Purpuse lies
Hands shakig - Our Promise to you

Our Mission: 
To brew a perfect cup of coffee every time.


Our Vision: 
To reduce the strain on coffee farmers and ultimately the environment. 


Our Purpose: 
Use innovation to fulfil our Mission and Vision. 


Our Brand Promise: 
Deliver smart brewed coffee every time that is environmentally friendly.

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