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29 March

Coffee talk

3 Easy Ways to Drink Coffee More Sustainably 

Millions of people around the globe enjoy a cup or two of coffee a day. Some people drink it for the boost of energy, while others enjoy the delightful smell and taste. But, many people do not realize how many resources are going into their routine. From coffee makers and coffee grounds, to coffee filters and coffee cups, lots of supplies are used on a daily basis that are either thrown away, or never used again. 

While making coffee may be a critical part of your day, it’s important to be mindful about the sustainability of your actions. Continue reading to learn 3 ways to be a more sustainable coffee drinker:

Avoid Expensive Machinery 

Coffee machinery has really advanced in recent years due to modern technology. Espresso...

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A new innovation in coffee cups, this single-use cup is made with sustainability in mind, and is designed to brew coffee inside the cup itself with nothing but hot water and fresh grounds!
17 February

Coffee talk

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