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Cheers to the New Year filled with Hope & Coffee!



Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,

Whispering 'it will be happier'...”- Lord Tennyson

It is certainly my belief that we are all a bit hopeful looking ahead to 2021 and a bit relieved to leave 2020 behind. In the past at the turn of every new year, I set forth goals in my life. Good habits that I would like to adapt and be consistent with and lay down some that aren’t providing a positive impact.

This past year has certainly provided the opportunity for creative solutions to an array of challenges. And with that, there are so many exciting goals that can be set forth in the New Year.


Fitness always tops my list for the New Year. What about you?

Part of my fitness goal is a focus on healthy eating. Which at times I have decided to eliminate an item or add a regimen. Coffee is something I am definitely adding to my regimen. Especially after looking into the impact it would have on my body. What I have learned about a daily cup of joe, is that it has a very positive impact on my workouts and my mental clarity. That of course makes me happy knowing that something I love is in harmony with my life choices. And knowing that The Barista cup is an all natural organic choice for a pre-workout caffeine boost makes me smile.

Recently, the past few years I have decided to forgo the lists and focus on one word. This has simplified my life and clarified my focus. This year I have been contemplating between a couple of words: Harmony, being one of them, is really resonating with me. Am I in harmony with my work, recreation, relationships, body, mind and spirit. Hehe, and let us not forget how my coffee habit brings me into harmony? How about you, what word would you choose?

Join me in raising a mug to 2021 and being hopeful for a brighter future!


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