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Barista Cup – 10 Pack
$15.00 tax included

10 Barista Cups and 10 Barista Coffee Sachets.
A revolutionary way of brewing the perfect cup of coffee.
At your convenience, using only half the amount of grounds.
The cup brews fresh coffee in two simple steps: pour in hot water, add fresh coffee grounds. The coffee grounds release luxurious oils and crema to create a perfect cup.
The innovative coffee channel traps grounds to the bottom of the cup after releasing its flavour.
No over-brewing and no bitter taste!

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How to use it
Pour hot water up to fill line
Add 8g coffee or 2g of tea into cup & stir*

*Add milk and/ or sugar (if desired)
Place lid and ENJOY...
Eco Packing
Express Delivery
Secured Payment
The Barista Cup is a movement to help decrease the burden of the coffee industry, and thus decrease the need to deforest virgin lands. Join us in supporting our mission and being part of the movement.
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Folow @thebaristacup on Instagram to join in the movement #baristatravels!