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Help us  to stop this!

Our vision is to reduce the burden on the environment that coffee consumption creates whilst delivering a flavourful cup of coffee.


Ethically  Sourced Coffee

The concept behind the Barista Cup is to provide a solution which reduces the pressure on coffee farmers to produce more coffee to meet the ever – increasing demand of producing more crops, utilizing more land. This is done by cutting nearly in half the amount of coffee grounds used by most brewing methods. Hence, the Barista Cup helps reduce the need to convert virgin land into coffee farms by means of deforestation.

We have also partnered with a coffee roaster who shares our passion for great coffee whilst ensuring the farmers are getting compensated fairly and supported through every stage of the coffee journey. The idea of sustainability is not only from a production and environmental perspective but also from a humanity aspect as well.

Our focus is on the quality of coffee, not quantity, seeking a living wage for farmers, not just a minimum wage to ensure a truly sustainable future.The Barista Coffee is made with ethically sourced, best quality coffee.



All Barista cups are made from sustainably sourced paper that is commercially compostable as a result of the plant based bioplastic (PLA) lining used.

For those wondering what PLA is. It is a a polylactic acid. In other words bioplastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch. Therefore, PLA is a more sustainable product due to the materials being derived from renewable raw materials and having the ability of biodegradation as opposed to plastic which is derived from fossil fuels and are not biodegradable.

The Barista Cup lessens the impact on the environment by using biological material. This is due to bioplastics using fewer pollutants and smaller amounts of energy during the manufacturing process and are equally recyclable.

It is the mission of the Barista Cup team to use materials that are: Sustainable, renewable, and compostable.

Aziz Patel

“I was devastated by the amount of deforestation that was occurring in Zambia in order to meet the growing demand for coffee. I knew something needed to change”

The Barista Cup is a movement to help decrease the burden of the coffee industry, and thus decrease the need to deforest virgin lands.

Join us in supporting our mission and being part of the movement.

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