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29 March
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3 Easy Ways to Drink Coffee More Sustainably 

Millions of people around the globe enjoy a cup or two of coffee a day. Some people drink it for the boost of energy, while others enjoy the delightful smell and taste. But, many people do not realize how many resources are going into their routine. From coffee makers and coffee grounds, to coffee filters and coffee cups, lots of supplies are used on a daily basis that are either thrown away, or never used again. 

While making coffee may be a critical part of your day, it’s important to be mindful about the sustainability of your actions. Continue reading to learn 3 ways to be a more sustainable coffee drinker:

Avoid Expensive Machinery 

Coffee machinery has really advanced in recent years due to modern technology. Espresso machines, french presses, cold brew coffee makers, and so many other expensive machinery is available for at-home use. While it may seem like a brilliant idea to get one to maximize your coffee-making experience, many of them end up in our landfills after short periods of time; especially the inexpensive coffee machines on the market.

For those who really care about their ecological footprint, you should also consider how much electricity one of these machines use. Keep in mind that you don’t need an elaborate coffee machine to enjoy a delicious cup of joe.

Be Mindful About Coffee Grounds

After you are done making your morning cup of coffee, you might be in the routine of throwing away your coffee grounds. Discarding coffee grounds after they are used can be quite wasteful considering the multitude of ways they can be utilized. Did you know that you can compost used coffee grounds to improve your garden or lawns due to their rich nutritional content? Certain compounds found within coffee grounds can actually fight off insects and pests, too! If you love the refreshing aroma that stems from coffee, you can even use the grounds as a natural deodorizer around the house.

Try The Barista Cup Invention

Here at The Barista Cup, our mission is to reduce the strain on coffee farmers and ultimately the environment. Many people do not realize just how much deforestation occurs to meet the growing demand for coffee around the world. That’s why The Barista Cup invention was created — to find a better way to brew a single cup of coffee using fewer resources.

Our invention is simple, yet highly effective in being able to separate coffee grounds from your coffee so that every sip tastes just as good as the first. It eliminates the bitterness without any over-brewing and without the need for extra equipment. It uses almost half the amount of coffee grounds than other standard methods, which makes it more economical and sustainable for our coffee farms.

By using our products, you will have the power to make fresh ground coffee as fast as instant, and help the environment, one coffee at a time. It works just as well with tea too! It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Add hot water, add your favorite grounds, stir and go! The cup will do the rest for you. Shop our sustainable coffee invention now!

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A new innovation in coffee cups, this single-use cup is made with sustainability in mind, and is designed to brew coffee inside the cup itself with nothing but hot water and fresh grounds!
17 February

Coffee talk

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